Workshops & Trainings

Developing Interpersonal Leadership and People's Mastery

Connections Workshop

Re-Connect: The Art of relating & Connecting with People

Being able to relate and connect well with others, is an essential skill which stands to favorably shape and enrich our relationships. 

Re-Connect is a workshop focusing on understanding interpersonal skills, with relation to our own behaviors that support or prevent us from learning these skills.

For: Businesses and working professionals looking to impact critical relationships which influence their perception, performance and success.

Confidence Workshop

Unstoppable: Building Confidence through Practice

 Confidence is a major influencer in shaping educational and professional success.

It directly impacts a person’s self-belief, motivation, and performance. As technology becomes an integral part of our society, it stands to influence our social skills and behaviors as well. A lack of confidence can lead to undue pressure and foster failure in different spheres of our lives.

For: Professionals and students to navigate and overcome personal challenges, feel empowered and gain mastery of their personal and professional environment.

Customer Service Workshop

The Psychology of Superior Service

Building a strong connection with your customers e is what differentiates a business and makes it successful. 

The Psychology of Superior Service is an innovative and holistic workshop, incorporating on the job training and coaching of staff to develop their skills, using practical, real life situations to foster a sustainable service culture.

For: All business and organizations with customer facing staff. 


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