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Linkked caters for a purpose: a platform that allows both businesses and individuals to connect, engage and build productive relationships that positively impact their personality and career success. All 1- 1 consultation and coaching sessions focus on helping business professionals and individuals improve the quality of their lives and build viable relationships and networks.

for your Professional Life

Business Relationship Development

Success, be it in business or life, requires one key ingredient – people. Our Business relationship coaching/consulting sessions help professionals not only in creating relationships but in maintaining and maximizing these relationships.

Building and Navigating Professional Networks

You may find it hard to build and maintain your professional network, which is not something new. A lot of seasoned professionals had to overcome this challenge on their path to success. The development of professional networks depends on simple, yet solid principles that assist any professional in moving forward on their career ladder. Navigating professional networks has its load of benefits, without which career growth may be off reach.

Career Transitions Support and strategy

Getting back into the job market is one thing and successfully handling transitions to a new employer is another. The whole process may be daunting for even a seasoned professional. Coaching on career transition provides a specific focus on understanding your strengths, analysing and accelerating the value of your networks.

for your Personal Life


Self-confidence covers aspects of self-esteem and certainty in judgment and decision. Consultation sessions help you become confident and open the doors to all other areas of growth.

Interpersonal skills

The importance of interpersonal cannot be overemphasised. Each consultation session implements strategies that understand your personality and build one or all of these skills where they are lacking.

Relationship challenges & Stress Management Skills

Relationship challenges an arise in both our personal and professional lives. When these connections are threatened challenges like stress and anxiety are bound to arise. Consultation sessions help individuals with the necessary tools to overcome these personal challenges and manage stress effectively.

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