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Shazaf Moonis: Psychologist

Promoting, Developing & Connecting People Globally.

Shazaf is an international trainer, facilitator, speaker and clinician. She established Linkked, a top-tier service, for businesses and individuals to engage, connect and build powerful relationships that impact their personal and professional success.

For Business

Action Based Trainings

Our  trainings and workshops provide active, hands on learning, focusing on professional development that influence relationships both within and outside an organization.

Popular for businesses looking for interpersonal skills that influence professional growth.

Structured Networking

The lack of cross-departmental communication can negatively impact workflow for any organization. 

Our facilitated networking sessions help promote a culture of collaboration and break workplace barriers. 

For organizations looking to over come Silos to increase productivity and motivation of their employees. 

Consultation & Coaching

As experienced Psychologists, our consultation and coaching services incorporate core components of human and behavior dynamics.

The expertise is utilized in understanding organizational needs and provide customized services which promote growth, learning and development.

For Individuals

Personal Leadership Workshops

We do not remember theories, we remember experiences. 

Our workshops and trainings help individuals gain People’s Mastery Skills, through an active, hands on approach, different from conventional learning. 

Structured Networking

Our Structured Networking are for you if you like meeting people, but hate networking.

Professionally facilitated and highly curated, they not only enable you to connect with people but also learn valuable skills and apply them to different settings.

Counselling & Coaching


Short term counselling and coaching services are provided for individuals looking to impact their lives.

We help you uncover your motivations, challenges and strengths that influence your personal happiness and professional success.  

People Promote Us

Our Ambassadors

“The art of CONNECTING is valuing each other as human beings and understanding that relationships, human to human relationships, you know, the kind where you are invested in and take pride in developing, take and deserve a greater effort than just handing over a business card. 

Shazaf is a game changer, who taught me the real value of my connections”
Mary Gomez Camba CEO/Think Visual –

“I registered, paid, went, and really loved every minute of it. Go there to have a conversation with people to get to know them for real, go there for a real engaging human conversation where people never value you for your job title but for who you really are. It was indeed a 5 star evening”

Eduardo De Barros,
Founder/Neofelix Executive Search – 

“Linkked helped break down barriers and provided an opportunity for attendees to truly connect with each other through structured networking and well thought out exercises. Working with the Linkked team was a pleasure – well coordinated, professional, and effective. If you are looking to supercharge your networking abilities or are just getting started, I highly recommend working with Linkked!”
Suhas Ghante – San Francisco

People Support Us

We have garnered the support of prestigious organizations internationally.

Our Partners


10/10 - Engaging, entertaining, and most important "learning"

Not just another networking event! Very well structured yet very relaxing that opened up everyone’s personality and all was willingly shared ideas/thoughts into the discussion. I’d recommend everyone to at least go to one session - I’d go to more! Well done Shazaf! See you in Hoi An!!
Triana Siregar Buxton
Triana Siregar Buxton
If you're sick of the typical business networking, then this is something you need to check out. Quality, not quantity – Shazaf is bringing personal connections back into business.
Vix Lew
Vix Lew
Deepak Pandey
Deepak Pandey
I participated in Linkked’s Structured Networking held at 500 Start Ups, and it was amazing! It gave a new approach to networking that I have never seen before. I was honestly very surprised on how much Shazaf's methods work. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone was truly engaged with one another. It is a great way to meet and network with intelligent and interesting people!read more
Amara Khan
Amara Khan
This past evening had to stay late at work and was told a group would stay on my floor for 2 hours. Given I work on one of the top floors of 1 World Trade Center, I thought it would be another group of brokers snacking on finger food brought in to sell space by property manager or another group of med students graduating and snacking again on finger food and joy of billing for life health insurance companies. It was not, it was just a group of Columbia Business School Graduates, about 25, coming for again finger food and supposedly a networking event. Thought again it was as meaningless as the gorup of real estate brokers coming with rolex watches and pumping prices per square foot. It would be a noise of mindlessness. Suddenly that room became all quiet and a moderator took leadership of the group, First, she said she would introduce herself at the end and started to talk about the importance of networking properly in life defining the why how and when , how it impacts careers centered on project blocks and had suddenly in a second phase all members network in parity and discover themselves and learn about themselves. She was using spectacular tools and will not reveal. It was such an enriching collaborative symphony At the end she introduced herself and all clapped and I also did clap. It was a spectacular workshop and I would recommend it to anybody unless they wish to become a monk at ST Martin du Canigouread more
Jean Paul Buffon
Jean Paul Buffon
Skeptic... I have organised 70+ networking events, so seeing all these 5 star reviews, even after having met Shazaf, left me very skeptic. Paying for a networking event? Never done that either, and not inclined. She has an Ed.M in Psychology and years of experience, but organises events... suspicious. Ends up, I registered, paid, went, and really loved every minute of it. Go there to have a conversation with people to get to know them for real, go there for a real engaging human conversation where people never value you for your job title but for who you really are. It was indeed a 5 star evening.read more
Eduardo de Barros
Eduardo de Barros
Excellent experience at each of the three events I've attended. The thoughtfulness and care that Shazaf puts into each event really shows. She creates an environment for you to make lasting connections, and you leave feeling great about yourself! Highly recommend!
Amber Pearl
Amber Pearl
If you haven't attended a Linkked networking event yet, sign up for the next one now. You'll see, it's nothing like anything you've experienced before. I was part of the last Sip & Tips and was thrilled with the event's content and guests attending. Made so meaningful connections that evening! Looking forward to the next Linkked event Shazaf.read more
Stephanie Naudo
Stephanie Naudo
Amazing event! I learnt a lot, made new friends and got tips and support for my dreams. It was Shazaf's unique format and facilitation, intimate setting and diverse crowd that made this special. Highly recommended!
Cheryl Lim
Cheryl Lim
Excellent networking event where people make meaningful connections and learn the art of human interaction. Shazaf created a fun environment with activities that kept everyone engaged.
Duane Gafoor
Duane Gafoor
Very well curated events that aren't just fun, but something I'd learn from as well
Yashodhan Bhawe
Yashodhan Bhawe

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