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Utilizing my experience as a Psychologist, I developed Linkked; a platform for relationship building and business networking for professionals, helping them effectively engage with people, navigate networks and cultivate strong relationships.

Based on a model of learning in action, our services have received global acclaim (U.S and Asia) for being innovative and impactful, consistently securing high success rates from all our clients.

That’s our value and your guarantee.

Founder, CEO Linkked

Why Relationships Matter

Success, be it in business or life, requires one key ingredient – People; and you only get to know people by building relationships.
The rewards of investing in people and relationships lead us to become:

Happy and Content

Great Relationships impact our happiness and enrich our personal lives

Efficient and Productive

Good relationships lead to higher rates of cooperation, trust and engagement in our professional lives

Supported and Motivated

The right relationship provides us with resources and support, impacting motivation and dictating outcomes

Purposeful and impactful

The power of relationships helps us value people and provides us with clarity and purpose of giving back to our networks


Janna Jan
I had the opportunity to attend two trainings by Linkked and very pleased with the outcome. Everything was structured and really tailored to your needs. It's the right training for the right people. Would love to join more trainings in the future!
_Janna Jan,
Hari Vijayarajan
Shazaf has thought of really creative and unique tools to get total strangers in a room to connect without any qualms of title, background, gender or age. I was genuinely impressed at how "non-transactional" this evening was, as folks were able to find out more about the real me in a couple of hours than they would have probably discovered at a traditional "Crop circle" in our corporate lives. Go for an evening of fun, great food and laughter!
_Hari Vijayarajan,
Peta Delahunty
It was a great session and really fun. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived but in the two hours, I learnt more about the other people in the room than I ever believed I could. During traditional networking sessions you only get to speak to a select number of people, and on some occasions even stuck with the same person! Shazaf's tips and exercises were great in getting everyone actively involved and interacting easily. Also, in traditional networking, I would never have found out a fraction of the information I did from the people I met at the Beyond Networking session. It was an informative evening and gave me some great new tips for more effective networking in the future! Forget the business cards people and find out more than just someone's name and occupation! Give it a go!
_Peta Delahunty,
Jolie Mimi Ow
Genuine connections. Great bonding activities. Once is not enough!
_Jolie Mimi Ow,
Tsvetelin XFlave Anastasov
Recommended! Definitely worth my time and money! You’re leaving the session not full of business cards, but full of interesting insights and shared ideas. Through Shazaf’s guidance, participants explore the psychology behind networking as an activity and how to bring more meaning to it, how to create deeper connection with people.
Haven’t looked at my watch for 2 hours+. Thank you, Shazaf!
_Tsvetelin XFlave Anastasov,
Marie Nadal Sharma
If you are looking for a meaningful networking event, then this is the one. People were themselves, in a cozy and relaxed space, sharing genuinely and spontaneously about their journey. It was not about the job title but rather about real people learning from each other! Shazaf conducted the event so naturally, making everyone belong. A must-do if you are not a fan of networking events! A very special gathering!
_Marie Nadal Sharma,
Triana Siregar Buxton
Not just another networking event! Very well structured yet very relaxing that opened up everyone’s personality and all was willingly shared ideas/thoughts into the discussion. I’d recommend everyone to at least go to one session - I’d go to more! Well done Shazaf! See you in Hoi An!!
_Triana Siregar Buxton,
Vix Lew
If you're sick of the typical business networking, then this is something you need to check out. Quality, not quantity – Shazaf is bringing personal connections back into business.
_Vix Lew ,
Deepak Pandey
It was a great meet-up session & simple activities based take aways, without any formalities. Great job Linkked- keep it up.
_Deepak Pandey,
Amara Khan
I participated in Linkked’s Structured Networking held at 500 Start Ups, and it was amazing! It gave a new approach to networking that I have never seen before. I was honestly very surprised on how much Shazaf's methods work. The atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone was truly engaged with one another. It is a great way to meet and network with intelligent and interesting people!
_Amara Khan ,


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By ensuring that the relationship is not purely transactional. Ask yourself if you would make an effort to engage with people. So once you clarify your intentions, then the process for building and growing relationships will seem more natural and become effortless.... Know More
A “yes” or “no” will indicate whether your true interest is with them or with yourself. This will set you apart as being truly genuine. Now you maybe thinking, why should I invest in such relationships at all?... Know More
Simply because, once people sense that you are authentic and engage without expectation, it will change their level of interest and gain their trust. So once you clarify your intentions, then the process for building and growing relationships will seem more natural and become effortless....Know More

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