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Shazaf Moonis: Psychologist

Promoting, Developing & Connecting People Globally.

Shazaf is an international trainer, facilitator, speaker and clinician. She established Linkked, a top-tier service, for businesses and individuals to engage, connect and build powerful relationships that impact their personal and professional success.

For Business

Experience Based Workshops

Our workshops and trainings provide active, hands on learning, focusing on professional development that influence relationships both within and outside an organization.

Popular for businesses looking for professional growth and people mastery skills.

Structured Networking

These are professionally facilitated, guided sessions for professionals to learn, engage and connect with people both within and outside their organizations.

Popular for corporate retreats and in house networking, aimed at  breaking silos and promoting a culture of connections and collaboration.

Consultation & Coaching

As experienced Psychologists, our consultation and coaching services incorporate core components of human and behavior dynamics.

The expertise is utilized in understanding organizational needs and provide customized services which promote growth, learning and development.

For Individuals

Experience Based Workshops

We do not remember theories, we remember experiences. 

Our workshops and trainings help individuals gain People’s Mastery Skills, through an active, hands on approach, different from conventional learning. 

Structured Networking

Our Structured Networking are for you if you like meeting people, but hate networking.

Professionally facilitated and highly curated, they not only enable you to connect with people but also learn valuable skills and apply them to different settings.

Counselling & Coaching

Short term counselling and coaching services are provided for individuals looking to impact their lives.

We help you uncover your motivations, challenges and strengths that influence your personal happiness and professional success.  

People Promote Us

Our Ambassadors

“The art of CONNECTING is valuing each other as human beings and understanding that relationships, human to human relationships, you know, the kind where you are invested in and take pride in developing, take and deserve a greater effort than just handing over a business card. 

Shazaf is a game changer, who taught me the real value of my connections”
Mary Gomez Camba CEO/Think Visual –

“I registered, paid, went, and really loved every minute of it. Go there to have a conversation with people to get to know them for real, go there for a real engaging human conversation where people never value you for your job title but for who you really are. It was indeed a 5 star evening”

Eduardo De Barros,
Founder/Neofelix Executive Search – 

“Linkked helped break down barriers and provided an opportunity for attendees to truly connect with each other through structured networking and well thought out exercises. Working with the Linkked team was a pleasure – well coordinated, professional, and effective. If you are looking to supercharge your networking abilities or are just getting started, I highly recommend working with Linkked!”
Suhas Ghante – San Francisco

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We have garnered the support of prestigious organizations internationally.

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