Developing Interpersonal Leadership and People's Mastery

I attended this workshop not really knowing what to expect. 
It turned out to be an interactive and interesting experience on how to connect with, and leave an impression on people even within the first few seconds of meeting them.  Usually ‘breaking the ice’ is the most difficult and this workshop helped overcome this! Shazaf was an excellent trainer and her insights made the workshop an overall fun experience. I’m looking forward to her future group meets!

N.Z.S Dual Member

What a great workshop and I couldn’t really think of a better way to spend my Saturday morning. I got a lot out of your techniques, and especially your positive energy.

Y.H Dual Member

I liked the interactive activities. I also found it refreshing and enlightening to learn about the barriers to active listening and follow up. Most other talks would tell you what to do without acknowledging that there are barriers to overcome too.

P.C Dual Member

It was fun. I believe training on raising awareness of stereotypes and biases is critical to reducing barriers between people and creating a more harmonious society. This is the only example I’ve seen in Singapore.

B.M Dual Member

I really liked the interactive nature of the workshop as well as the amount of material we managed to cover in a short period of time. I also feel like I learned much.

A.F Dual Member

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