Meet Shazaf

Thanks for stopping by. 

You are probably curious to know about me so here is a glimpse of my world and what inspired me to start Linkked. 

My life has always been shaped by my relationships, family, friends, mentors, colleagues or someone I have just met, all have played their part in making me personally happy and professionally successful.

After graduating from Columbia University (NYC), I worked as a Psychologist across U.S and Asia,working with people, getting to know their stories and how the right relationships aided their recovery.  It made me realise that  each one of us has benefited from the help, support, and encouragement of others in order to flourish in life. 

These insights have now become my purpose. I am on a mission to help raise awareness of our inherent powers and the value of building relationships, that are real and genuine; not virtual and superficial.

I hope you can join me on this journey of meeting exceptional people, creating extraordinary connections and always staying Linkked.


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